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"We're Talking Golf"


If you are looking for a podcast that focuses only on Men's Golf, then we suggest that this podcast is probably not for you.  Because other podcasts mostly avoid women's golf, we don't, instead, we strive to bring a strong focus on the LPGA, its major tournaments, its players and news.  Of course, we also focus on the PGA tour as well, with our knowledgeable hosts an guests.

Join our host, Douglas Maida and his guests for insightful news and commentary, plus some strong discussion on topics of the day. 

Frequent guests include professional players and coaches along with our special guest, Karen Stupples, an on-course analyst with the Golf Channel, a former LPGA player and past winner of the AIG Women's Open ( formerly the Women's British Open ).

Looking for some Golf news and information to take with you in the car or perhaps while you are at the practice range.  How about something to listen to when you're at the office or at home over coffee. 

"We're Talking Golf" is our regular podcast show bringing you golf news, information and opinion from the professional golf tours.  From time to time, we also bring you golf stories and news a little out of the ordinary because golf is a sport for everyone -- from those newer to golf, interested in learning about some tips, to some those interested in learning about possible courses to play in the future. 

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