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Golf - CrossFit for Golf Training?

Modern training techniques are helping more people reach their golf goals than ever before


What are your thoughts on Crossfit for golfers? I have given the idea much thought. What I’ll share here with you is what I believe you should definitely consider:

Liesbeth Pauwels of LP Golf Performance

Two highly beneficial movements for golfers that can easily be found in many CrossFit programming include deadlifts and kettlebell swings.

If you rely solely on CrossFit programming for golf performance, I would certainly look to add the following elements to your training:

  • Movements in sagittal and transverse planes;

  • Anti-rotational, unilateral, asymmetrical, stability and balance movements;

  • Yoga for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system;

  • Golf specific motor control & joint integrity;

  • CNS balancing activities & recovery;

  • anything that’s tailored towards one’s unique specific needs.

These training elements aren’t usually present in a group CrossFit type of setting but they are important for golf.

Reaching out to chat about it with a professional coach is the least you can do. There are a few really great golf fitness x CrossFit coaches out there that have the knowledge to help guide golfers with this type of training. For some of my brilliant peers see the tags in this photo there are some great coaches out there.

These are my general thoughts as a coach integrating CrossFit. Each individual must consider it from their perspective as to what exercises to include, avoid, or even if CrossFit makes sense for you and your goals that you wish to achieve.

Woman lifting a barbell from a dead lift
Dead Lifts are another component worth considering


Liesbeth Pauwels

is passionate about modern sport psychology and ancient eastern philosophy, she continuously moves towards re-establishing balance in the body and mind, for herself and for her clients.

Her mission is :

"to develop a strong healthy golf community that plays golf forever"!

With a decade over professional experience as a golf movement coach, she also has worked with Jason Glass, the Dutch Golf Federation, the PGA of Holland, GOLF.NL and helped thousands of golfers all over Europe.

She graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada with a degree in Kinesiology - the study of human performance. She is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness & Junior Level 3, SuperSpeed Golf Certified Level 3 & is also a registered certified Yoga Teacher.


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