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Introducing Santiago Garat -- Another South American Coach on the Best Coaches List

We Caught Up with the Director and Owner of "Bluedot Putt" recently for a Quick Q & A Session


Q: How did you start your life as a golf player? who was your biggest inspiration when you were young?

A: I started playing when I was 11 years old, accompanying my father who was invited to play and suddenly I discovered that it was a very challenging sport with a lot of dedication. My biggest inspiration was being able to travel and have many relationships around the world.

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to be a golf teacher? What were your first steps?

A: When I moved to professional golf, I had a very good first two years, but in the third year I started to have bad results. I decided to start training with some juniors like I did when I was an amateur, and I always trained with a junior to help them improve his level.

Q: During your teaching career, what moments were most remarkable for you?

A: First when I was appointed National Coach, then when for the first time I went to the World Cup where 10 years before I had gone as a player, and finally when I was appointed Head Coach.

Q: During the time you were in the Argentine Golf Association, how was your experience and what did you learn during this time?

A: The most important thing about working with a National organization is the opportunity to be able to train yourself all over the world and interact with people who are very expert in the field, as well as managing a whole staff of and being able to train many other Coaches in the region.

Q: When you founded your Bluedotputt academy, what goals did you have and what suggestions do you have to build an exceptional team of teachers?

A: It was founded in 2017, the objectives were to be able to provide the best high performance service without affecting age or level of play. The most important thing about being able to put together a great team is knowing how to understand what each one wants and giving them the freedom and tools to fulfill their objectives.

Q: As a golf teacher, what are your specialties and what part of the process excites you the most?

A: My specialty is Communication and Coaching, as well as technically I like to work a lot in Putting. When the Player understands what to do to reach his goal, I feel very excited and that the work can be accomplished.

Q: What do you think is the most important skill / ability of a golf teacher? and from an agent?

A: I think it is knowing how to listen and never stop training yourself. and an Agent is knowing how to handle emotions and put yourself in the place where you are to solve all kinds of problems that may arise for your player or your team.

Q: How do you see the growth of golf in Latin America, mainly of new professionals on the PGA tour?

A: At a slow pace but every year there are more players on the great tours, great work teams are being created that are the basis of your success.

Q: Having your experience with professional players as a coach and as an agent, what are the barriers and problems that Latino players can expect and what solutions do you offer as a professional agent so that they can focus more on their golf.

A: The main thing to take into account is to have the support to carry out a long-term project with the entire work team and not be expecting immediate results, the demand generated by the tour and the environment is too great for quick results to be achieved. In addition, that slows the growth and development of new players. One of my biggest tips is to really be sure where to go, give your hundred percent, and really work where statistically you have the most problems and not stop strengthening your virtues.

Q: If you could go back and give yourself some advice when you were young, what would you say?

A: I am very happy with all the steps I took, I was very distracted in my first year as a professional because I could not have a whole work team, at that time I only had the support of my best friend, but with that it does not was not enough.

Q: What plans do you have for the future of your academy?

A: The Academy is growing and I feel that we have to continue strengthening our idea, coaching in the field, understanding of the parameters in technology and a commitment to training.

Santiago has been both the senior coach and the head coach of the Golf Association of Argentina's national amateur teams. He has coached players on the Korn Ferry Tour, Latin PGA, European Tour and more. He is also the owner and managing director of BlueDotPutt Golf Academy.


For more on Santiago:

Twitter: @bluedotputt

Instagram: @bluedotputt


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