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Software Company Introduces its Online Reservation System

GGGolf Systems aims to help golf clubs increase revenue and profitability


As technology continues to evolve and become the way of the world, online booking systems have become a fundamental component for business owners in the golfing sector, enabling them to regularly achieve a hole in one.

While your business may be open and operating during normal day time hours, this may not be the most convenient for those hoping to book a tee time. With an online booking system, golfers have the ability to book a time slot at any time of the day.

"You trust and sell the latest technology with equipment,” says Michael Thomlison, Business Development Manager with GGGolf. “Why wouldn't you do the same with software? Just like new driver technology can speed up your members swing, new software can speed up your member'sexperience.”

Pro Shop with equipment
Golf Courses are turning to technology such as online booking systems to increase their revenue, manage expenses and increase profitability

Studies have shown that immediate availability when shopping for products or services dramatically increases the number of purchases or appointments.*

With an online management software, the storage of contact information, locker and golf bag numbers, shopping preferences in clothing and equipment, and much more is available.

Online booking often results in immediate payment as many systems require their customers to pay in advance for golf rentals and activities. Without an online tee sheet, club owners are required to wait for players to arrive before collecting payment for events or tee times. An online booking system will allow you to obtain that revenue immediately after players book with your course.

And while customers pay prior to showing up for their round of golf, this also almost always eliminates non-attenders. When a customer does need to cancel, their time slot will customarily become available for another golfer to fill.


GGGolf Base StandardModule features include:

  • Lottery

  • Handicap

  • Automatic email reminders

  • Event/tournament management

  • Online guest services

“GGGolf has provided the Brantford Golf & Country Club a superior tee time software system,” says Dan Poort, PGA of Canada, Head Golf Professional at Brantford Golf & Country Club. “The system allows us to manage our match play brackets with ease, as well as giving different options for how to run member lotteries. We continue to work with the great team at GGGOLF to make changes that benefit our great membership.”

Mobile phone golf app
A Mobile app increases the convenience for members and patrons

Additional Features Include:

  • Extra department bookings (tennis club, curling, etc.)

  • iPhone/Android Apps for members

  • Golf lesson bookings

  • Dining room reservations

  • E-Range ball dispenser integration

Having an online booking system will also allow owners and other employees to spend more time managing the business. As your clientele books and supplies all of their necessary information online, you are able to spend ample time with your customers and players that are on site and less time on the phone.

Often, online booking systems come with a dashboard of data that will reveal what your most popular packages and items are. With this innovative technology, business owners have access to easy-to-read documents that will enable you to generate more offers that your golfers want, allowing you to grow your business and your revenue stream.

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