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Summer Spirits

August is clearly the time for quiet reflections and contemplation -- Culinaire Magazine looks at some terrific suggestions


Summer can be a tricky time for spirit drinkers - does one flock to the blended “umbrella” drinks, the classic gin and tonics, or perhaps gravitate to the classics? Shots of tequila by the fire?

Or perhaps, the days are finally here where one has the option to enjoy premium tequila relaxing with friends, a classic G&T on a hot day, or perhaps something a little different?

No matter how you’d want to spend your summer, you might want to consider some of these fine bottles…

Siempre Añejo Tequila, Mexico

It’s so wonderful that tequila has this sea change away from the miserable examples of old and moved towards lush, smooth, and authentic, premium examples. With 24 months in French oak casks, and a blend of highland and lowland agaves, Siempre’s añejo is layered with honey, cocoa, spice, and much more with a beautiful finish. Stunning…

CSPC +812815 $90-95

Bodegas Alvear Gran Reserva Brandy, Spain

Aged in a solera for a whopping 25 years, Alvear’s brandy is quite remarkable. Showcasing subtle, sweet notes on the nose with woody notes and mild raisin character, the palate is nutty, with leather and spice tones - quite smooth, leading into a lean and fiery finish. It’s compelling, and it’s easy to share.

CSPC +805159 $60-65

El Tequileño Platino Blanco, Mexico

Sourced from Jalisco agave, the Platino exhibits that “classic” tequila sweaty nose with mild minty, menthol characters, cracked black pepper, and a touch of fennel. Spicy and quite citric on the palate, it packs some heat, but super clean and fresh with a slightly silky texture. Perfect for cocktails, but damn good neat.

CSPC +812589 About $70-74

El Tequileño Reposado Gran Reserva, Mexico

Aged for four months in barrel and blended with a small amount of añejo tequila stock, the reposado demonstrates abundant tree fruit characters like pear and apple, with saline notes and a mild herbaceousness. Full and fiery on the palate with a long, kicking finish, it makes for a top shelf sipping tequila too.

CSPC +811617 About $80-84

Confluence Distilling Vinland Aquavit, Calgary, Alberta

Made with red wheat from a family farm near Innisfail, I suspect Confluence Distilling have another hit on their hands with this velvety aquavit – where the ingredients have either been handpicked by them or sourced from Albertan family farmers. Fennel and garlic are here too adding to the complexity, and the label is by local tattoo artist Jessica Doyle!

CSPC +818584, 50% ABV, $50

Sheringham Distillery Kazuki Gin, Vancouver Island, BC

What would you expect if the ingredients on your gin bottle read: Japanese cherry blossom, locally grown green tea, and flowers from Westholme Tea Farm in Cowichan Valley? Well the good news is Kazuki Gin is everything you want it to be - floral, sweet, smooth and almost creamy, pretty, delicate, feminine – it’s a sipping gin, and delightful.

CSPC +81674743% ABV, $50


Courtesy of Culinaire Magazine

Culinaire Magazine


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