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Tasting the Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky

Save the Brawny, Peat Influenced Single Malts for Another Occasion

The Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Single Malt Scoth Whisky

While Scotland undoubtedly produces some of the most diverse and refined whiskies, it would not be a stretch to say that most people associate the peaty, smoke induced single malts with Scotch Whisky. In this tasting though, we would suggest that you put away your notions of Scottish Whisky and explore the tastes of Aberfeldy’s 12-year-old single malt whisky for a change of pace.

Operating under Royal Warrant — the “By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” and Coat of Arms that adorns the outer packaging as well as the bottle, this whisky has been produced by John Dewar & Sons Ltd. since 1896 in its Aberfeldy Distillery near Perth, located in Scotland’s Central Highlands.

The Aberfeldy Distillery built by John Dewar & Sons Ltd.
The Aberfeldy Distillery constructed in 1896

The distillery draws its water from the Pitilie Burn, or Pitlile River, also known locally as the “Golden Dram” for its pure water quality and gold deposits. Another distinctive quality of spirits from Aberfeldy Distillery is the extra long fermentation in larch washbacks, and distillation in tall pot stills overlooking the rolling Perthshire hills, much as they have done since the distillery's inception. Finished in Sherry, Bourbon and charred oak casks with the finished product being the nectar of the Central Highlands that is the 12-year-old single malt whisky from Aberfeldy. This particular whisky is best summed up in two words – Balanced and Smooth.

Aberfeldy has produced a single malt that is refined if not somewhat understated. It does not overpower the senses with an explosion of flavours but rather envelopes your taste and olfactory senses with its nuanced flavours and nose. It will never be mistaken for the smoky, peaty single malts of Islay or other parts of Scotland, nor will it be confused with the bold flavours of a Bourbon.

Perhaps the closest comparison to this whisky would be that of the Japanese distillers and it makes sense after all as many of the whisky distillers of Japan learned their craft from their Scottish counterparts, including the art of distilling a whisky that is smooth and balanced with hints of floral scents in the nose. But, if you are in the mood for something much softer and silky smooth, then this single malt whisky is definitely a bottle that should be on your bar shelf.

Tasting of Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky
A Late Afternoon Tasting of Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Single Malt Scoth Whisky

Tasting Notes:


Initial hints of cinnamon spice, closely followed by undertones of berries


It is an extremely soft and “velvety” experience, the initial tastes are subtle – syrupy toffee then a light hint of vanilla. Its very well balanced, contributing to a smooth whisky.


Smooth finish with just a hint of spice on the finish. It is never overpowered, but very balanced.

Price Range: $$

Value: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

Remember to please drink responsibly


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