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There is nothing like hitting a "flush" shot -- striking your ball so purely that it feels effortless as you watch it soar up into the air, going exactly where you intended.   
Or perhaps, it is the challenging putt for birdie or par.  Lining up your putt, factoring in the correct line and more importantly, the pace, watching it track all the way to the hole and when it sinks, wanting to let out a Tiger-like fist pump and roar.
Our contributing coaches and instructors can help you with your golf game, whether it be in learning the basic fundamentals or more advanced skills.  Their tips  can help you shave those last few strokes off as you pursue a personal best.   
Golf Tips


The Fundamentals of Golf — The Grip 

In this short clip, our head instructor, Austin Hughes shares a quick refresher on the grip.  It's important to remember that the grip is your only contact with the club and by extension the golf ball.  It is the foundation of your swing.

Meet our Contributors
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