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The perfect warm up whether it be before you go to the first tee box or th range to hit a few balls. A proper warm up is essential to reducing injuries, activating your golf muscles, and playing your best golf. This 1-piece swing trainer helps activate your core muscles, your glutes, abdomen, and other muscles needed in the golf swing.   

Simple place your foot in the stirrup, grip the golf ergonomic grip and start your takeaway starting slowly and loosely at first before picking up speed and increasing your backswing. ** Make sure to warm up both sides of your body **  

Comes with a carry bag that easily fits within your golf bag.  

Remember our Shop with Confidence program - if you're not satisfied at the end of 30 days, return it for a refund.*  

(* terms and conditions apply)

Golf Swing Tension Trainer

SKU: 3256802857130775
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