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Our Mission

At the WORLD OF GOLF it is our Mission to bring you golf news and information from around the World.  If you are new to golf, wanting to learn more about it; interested in the trends and story lines in golf; or are seasoned player looking to improve your skills, we have you covered.

It is our Goal to create a memorable experience for you - our audience.  To do this, we rely on rich, good resolution photographs, images and video.  We strive to provide writing that is informative, descriptive and evocative.  We believe that our readers, viewers and listeners are active members in our work and we want to draw you in and stimulate your thoughts, ideas, and approach to golf.  So whether golf is a sport, recreation, pastime, or as a leisure activity to be enjoyed, we seek to enrich your experience.   It is a big mission for us and we may not succeed in every circumstance, but we will do our best – so, Welcome to the World of Golf!

Douglas Maida

Managing Editor

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