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Would You Like to Write for
The World of Golf ?

Are you interested in Golf?  Do you have ideas or stories that you would like to research and write?  Or do you have a training or coaching "program" or concept that you would like to share with others? 
Or are you interested in sharing an opinion with our readers as an "Op-Ed"?  Or perhaps you are inspired by the golf writers of the past; luminaries such as Grantland Rice, O.B. Keeler, Herbert Warren Wind,  or John Derr.  Maybe more modern writers such as Dan Jenkins, Lorne Rubenstein, Beth Ann Nichols and others inspired you – if so, we would be interested in hearing from you.   
You can do so by sending us an email addressed to:
And enter "Writing Opportunity" in the Subject Header so that we can make sure that it gets to the right people.

Story Ideas?

Do you have some thoughts or ideas about a story that you would like to see?  What about a topic that you would like to have us consider including in future?  Drop us an email with your ideas and be sure to include your full name (no pseudonyms please) and your place of residence. 
You could be eligible for a thank you prize if your idea or topic is chosen.
Send your email to:

And enter "Story Ideas" in the Subject Header so that it gets to the right people.

Submit A Resume 

Are you interested in joining our team here at The World of Golf?  We are an energetic and motivated group, committed to bringing the best news and information to golfers and players all over the world.

If you think that you would like to join our team, then please submit your resume or application below.

We thank you in advance for expressing interest in joining us.   However, not every submission will result in an interview or follow up contact.  We cannot guarantee that there is an actual vacancy at the time that you submit your application.


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