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About Us

The WORLD OF GOLF is founded by a group of people that have a passion for life.  Some of us are passionate about Golf and its social, physical, and recreational benefits that come with it.  Others are passionate about the work that they do in bringing you the best digital entertainment and media that they can.

One thing is certain -- we all want you to enjoy our work and hope that we can help you learn about the game, play better and to enjoy all that this sport has to offer.  It truly is a game that can last you a lifetime!  Remember, to "play from the short grass and let's get the ball to the hole!"

Ownership & Funding

We are a privately owned digital publication and are 100% owned by our shareholders.   We often receive submissions from thirdparties about business proposals, sponsorship of events, and more.  If you are interested in potentially becoming a strategic partner with us, feel free to contact us with your ideas.  All submissions are received in confidence.

Editorial Independence

As a privately owned company, we value our editorial independence, so that we can provide some of the best analysis that you can find and be assured that it is free from financial entanglements or undue influence from outside parties.  

We are members of the Golf Writer's Association of America and with the Golf Journalists Association of Canada.




World of Golf             

3643 City Edge Place                       Vancouver, B.C.  V5S 4R7  Canada        

+1 628 500 8078

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