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Golf Club Trade-In Program 

For the United States only

For Residents of the U.S. only.  

For Mobile Users, please [click here]  

This Trade-In program is administered by a third-party, 2nd Swing Golf (GolfStix), and ships only to and from residents of the United States or shipping addresses within the United States.  

Important - this will take you to a third-party site to complete the transaction.  You will also be required to set up an account with 2nd Swing Golf (GolfStix) in order to participate in this trade-in program.  All payments for clubs is made by 2nd Swing Golf (GolfStix) and not the World of Golf or anyone affiliated with the World of Golf.  

User Data -- Through the trade in process, 2nd Swing may create and collect the following data:

  • User login information, including email address and password for each unique user.  This data is stored and managed by 2nd Swing Golf.

  • Application performance data is collected via "New Relic" on behalf of 2nd Swing.  The data is anonymized and is used for the 2nd Swing technology team in monitoring performance, detecting errors and abuse.

  • Trade data -- the product or equipment traded

  • Personal data -- including name, email, phone, mailing address and a PayPal address if applicable

The World of Golf may earn a referral fee from 2nd Swing Golf.

Stay Tuned for

A Trade In Program for Canada 

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