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At the World of Golf, we strive to provide you with timely stories, information and features on the personalities within the sport — whether they be professional players, collegiate players, competitive amateurs or in the golf business

The world of golf

We have a big thank you to all of the readers and members who have joined our site!  We are just finishing our first year of operation and it has been a wild ride at times.  When we first went live, no one knew just how serious the coronavirus would become and its effect not only on the golf world, but the real world.  

Well we got through it and we could not have done it without the support of you -- so a big thank you! 

There is also some news that we would like to share with you;

Firstly, our website has been named as one of the Top 20 golf websites and blogs in Canada*    Secondly, our podcast show -- "We're Talking Golf" was named as one of the Top 40 PGA/LPGA Tour podcasts to follow in 2021! 



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