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GGGolf Membership Management

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* Sign up for GGGolf before September 30th and receive a $500 credit towards marketing services at Ackroo.

When you add the GGGolf Membership Management Software before September 30th, 2021 you will receive an additional $500 credit towards customer engagement services powered by Ackroo.

Services include: 

  • Physical & Digital gift cards

  • Customized Loyalty Programs

  • Email & Promotional Marketing Creation

* Valid until September 30th, 2021

* Additional terms and conditions may apply

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This special offer is provided to you by GGGolf/Ackroo and not the World of Golf.  Accordingly, the World of Golf accepts no responsibility in the administration of this Special Offer and users accept, acknowledge and waive the World of Golf and its directors, management and employees of any and all liability that may be associated with this Special Offer and how it is administered by GGGolf/Ackroo.

To receive the special offer of $500 in service credit, you must click on the "Sign Up Here" link provided which will redirect you to the GGGolf website.  Once there, you must click on the "Start a Program" button to begin.