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On Board - Charcuterie

Our Partner Culinaire Magazine looks at how to assemble your very own mouth-watering Charcuterie board


Katie Eyre is the founder and creative lead of Brie & Banquet Wild Catering Co, and a colour and flavour-obsessed, rebellious food stylist, relentlessly supportive of small, local food crafters.

Her boards are like a blank canvas: “As long as you have the best and most beautiful inclusions, you know it will taste great, and then you can just play,” she says. Eyre’s guide for her boards is at least three cheeses (hard, medium and soft), two meats, a pickled item, olives or tapenade, a jam or jelly, fresh fruit, cucumber and crunchy things.

“Always include something tangy, something juicy and something crunchy,” she adds.

Her beautiful boards stand out for their wild abundance, bold colours, and lots of interesting texture - plus a focus on local products.

Eyre’s charcuterie board includes:


Genoa Salami: named after Genoa in Italy, where it is believed to have originated. It’s oily, garlicky, with a fermented flavour, and peppercorn crunch.

Prosciutto: almost everyone’s favourite charcuterie board meat. Italian dry-cured ham, melt in your mouth buttery texture, salty, smooth, and absolutely delicious.


Gorgonzola: a blue cheese named after the town of Gorgonzola, in the metropolitan city of Milan. Perfect with honey, sweet jams and jellies, and unsalted nuts.

Asiago: also originating in northern Italy, and known for its glorious pastureland that produces incredible savoury cheeses. Pairs beautifully with pickles and dried fruit.

Goat Cheese (Dancing Goat Farm, Acme): a marinated goat cheese with a luscious base of “Waltz” soft goat cheese topped with Italian country-style olives and pistachios. Slather on a cracker or fresh bread.

Margherita Vegan Cheese (Flora Fromage, Calgary): a soft, fermented cashew cheese with Sicilian inspired flavours of sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. Rich and romantic, for vegans and lactose intolerant.

Canadian Brie: because every Brie & Banquet piece includes their namesake cheese!


Fresh Edible Flowers: a Brie & Banquet signature, Eyre always includes edible flowers chosen for their unique flavours.

Raspberry Vanilla Jam (Preserved Foods Boutique, Bragg Creek)

Italian Grissini Breadsticks

Artisan Olive Sourdough (Yum Bakery, Calgary)

Fresh Fruit: Sicilian blood oranges, juicy grapes and beautiful fresh figs.


Courtesy of Culinaire Magazine

Culinaire Magazine


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