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Sun Peaks Resort - Canada's Best Kept Secret

British Columbia's newest resort is much more than just a winter playground


Summer fun time is here again. The weather has warmed up, school is out, and you're marking down the days till your summer holidays — which can only signal one thing: it is indeed time for a summer trip. With this season, you'll be wondering where to go and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Since most summertime locations will be overrun with visitors and even have excessively exorbitant prices, we've discovered a hidden treasure of a mountain hideaway that presents the ideal vacation for tourists of all ages, particularly golf enthusiasts.

Sun Peaks Resort embodies British Columbia's natural features. You'll be enveloped by mother nature's greatest as you explore from almost limitless various activities. This location is approximately 45 minutes from Kamloops.

Sun Peaks compact surroundings eliminate any need for a car. So, if you're taking kids, they could quickly go from one location to the next without tiring their legs and enjoy the great outdoors.

There is much to share about this resort, but here are some highlights why you should explore Sun Peaks Resort this summertime, including its rich history, places to stay, and how to get there.

About Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks Resort Township was established under the municipal resort law of the Province of British Columbia, which distinguishes it from most sorts of municipalities, including Kelowna, Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria, and others. Moreover, Whistler, having co-hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, is British Columbia's only other Resort Municipality.

Hotel Facilities in Sun Peaks
Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference Centre

Sun Peaks, like Whistler, is predominantly a wintertime activity resort with excellent snowboarding and skiing pursuits. Sun Peaks was developed by Al Raine together with his wife, the Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Greene Raine, who won gold and silver medals in Giant Slalom and Slalom at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

Sun Peaks is located north of Kamloops in what is known as the Thompson region, so dubbed after the Thompson River, which runs through the territory before joining the Fraser River. The Thompson River is named after David Thompson, a British cartographer that mapped much of the area.

Snowboarding at Sun Peaks
A winter playground with its vast ski areas for snowboarders and skiers alike

Sun Peaks During Winter

You will most certainly love the Ski Area, among other things! Sun Peaks with a 4,270 acres Ski Area is divided into three skiable ranges within each distinct style.

Every mountain is freely reachable from its village; you may ski all three the same day or perhaps stick to your favorite zone.

Sun Peaks get 6 meters of snow every year with its mountains blanketed in a light and powder form of snow, renowned across British Columbia.

Sun Peaks During Summer

Don't you know that it's as much fun during summer? While Sun Peaks is known for its wintertime activities, it also offers great summer recreation.

Here are some activities that you can enjoy in Sun Peaks during Summer.

scenic golf course at Sun Peaks
Golf in Sun Peaks is truly an experience to behold. Stunning vistas surround you from every angle.

1. Golfing

Summer in British Columbia is renowned for golf, so Sun Peaks is known for having one of the highest altitude golf courses in the province. Sun Peaks' 18-hole (par 72 Graham Cooke) course is British Columbia's grandest and most picturesque golf course, towering over 4,000 feet above sea level and affording stunning landscapes and mountain vistas of the nearby mountains.

Due to the extreme elevation, the ball flies much further here, making any rank of golfer appear like an expert. Together with the course, visitors may take group or single lessons, including weekly offers such as limitless golfing, ladies night, free kids' golf, and much more.

Playing golf at Sun Peaks is indeed a great activity for the entire family. The golf course, as well, has some of the splendid sunset vistas in the area, so even a late afternoon game could be breathtaking.

Trail cycling in Sun Peaks
Plenty of trail riding in Sun Peaks

2. Mountain Biking

Sun Peaks, known for its steep racing heritage, is an ideal destination for bikers. Its bike park features 40 unique routes, a lift, and a dirt jumping park. There's one for all ages and ability levels on the widespread range of cross-country and downhill riding routes. They also provide camps, courses, and trips.

3. Alpine Hiking

There seems to be no better opportunity to trek here than between July and August, whenever the alpine beauties are in bloom. Colorful wildflowers brighten the grasslands and create some wonderful photo opportunities.

There will be 16 routes to select from, spanning in complexity from beginning easy strolls to intermediate alpine peaks. Its panoramic vistas are breathtaking regardless of which route you take.

Mountain Carting

4. Mountain-Cross Go-Karts

This idea is one-of-a-kind, and it seems like something from Wacky Races. A full-fledged downhill race with your gravitational go-kart. There's also a timer at the center for extra competitiveness.

5. Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, and Canoeing

There are plenty of water based recreational opportunities

You'll float past beautiful lakes, including McGillivray, as well as Heffley, catching sights of animals, birds, and fishes. Anyone can book kayaks or canoes for several hours, or you could just take a 90-minute voyageur canoe excursion across local lakes.

Unless you'd rather go paddleboarding, you may book an individual session or participate in one of their regular team sessions.

Fiddle musician at an outdoor concert
Summer Music Festival events are a regular feature in Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Summertime Events

Sun Peaks has a plethora of activities and events throughout summer. Below is a few of them.

  • Sun Peaks Sunday Market (Starting 17th of June (every Sunday) until 2nd of September) Every week, there is a Sun Peaks Sunday marketplace where you could shop local vegetables and handicrafts or listen to a live band or informative lecture.

  • Family Weeks (Starting 16th of July until the 10th of August) The town hosts a variety of free events for youngsters. The events include nature hikes, playtime upon its driving range, musicals, trampolines, scientific exhibitions, among others are available.

  • Retro Concert Weekend (Starting 10th of August until the 12th) This concert is one of Sun Peaks' most popular events. Prepare to party to the beats to tribute five bands throughout the weekend.

  • Music in the Mountain (Starting from the 25th of August down to the 26th) This is just one of the numerous concerts that will transpire in Sun Peaks every summer. There are still plenty of music concerts as well, so make sure to check out the event calendar

Wine Tasting event
Dining and other services are a highlight in Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks Social Life (Food, Drinks, and Wellness)

Sun Peaks' social life is as near as ideal as it gets being a Mountain Resort community. While you're not soaking up the rays, choose from over its 20 restaurants and après-ski places, or luxuriate inside some window shopping or spa plus wellness therapy. Sun Peaks is indeed the place to go this summer season if you want to get out and connect with nature.

Top 8 Places to Stay While in Sun Peaks

Patio options are aplenty in the summer
  1. The Burfield (Price starts at $79)The property is situated on the remote western edge of the town; yet, it is merely a few minutes away from the community, eateries, and attractions.

  2. Cahilty Hotel and Suites (Price starts at $80) This place is a condominium hotel in the center village, with stores and restaurants barely steps away.

  3. Hearthstone Lodge (Price starts at $80) An all-around hotel in the middle of the town, only steps away from all cafes, markets, and facilities.

  4. Sun Peaks Lodge (Price starts at $92) This location, including its two buildings, lies at the center of the Mountain Resort community. The 18-hole golf course, as well as the chairlift intended for biking and hiking, are just a few feet away. All of the local stores and eateries are right by its front door.

  5. Coast Sundance Lodge (Price starts at $114) This resort is situated on a slope and offers a variety of bedrooms with kitchenettes, plus large suites with complete kitchens.

  6. Top of the Mountain Accommodations and Management (Price starts at $137) It offers up to 80 units, most of which have fantastic views, personal hot tubs, plus it's pleasantly positioned near the village.

  7. Sun Peaks Condo by Bear Country (Price starts at $147) Bear Country has been a Sun Peaks vacation home marketplace expert since 1995. There are 1 to 4 condominiums, townhouses, and holiday homes from which to choose.

  8. Sun Peaks Grand (Price starts at $169) This place offers two mountaineering tickets, free car parking, and a $100 foodservice credit are included in its Wide Open two-night bundle. Additionally, it's "The Stay & Play" package contains 18 holes of golf. Plus, it includes overnight accommodations, golf amenities, a power cart, and overnight parking.

Quick FAQs on How to Get There and About its Properties

How to Get There from Vancouver?

The best method to go from Vancouver into Sun Peaks would be by bus, which usually takes 7 hours and 4 minutes and costs between $160 to $210. You may also fly, which costs much higher than the bus, from $320 to $650 but takes 3hours 35 minutes.

How to Get There from Calgary?

The shortest method to go from Calgary into Sun Peaks would be to ride a plane, which costs between $460 and $800 and spans 4 hours. You may also drive (8 hours; $64 to $93) or take the bus (10 hours; $90 to $110).

Want to Buy a Property from Sun Peaks?

Contact to know the current average selling prices and how much resale value generally increases.


Call ahead to Sun Peaks Toursim for local conditions, potential wild fire hazards, and available accommodations.

For more of road & driving conditions see the Province of British Columbia's "Drive BC" site. Click DRIVEBC.COM


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