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The Refresh Caddy–Just in Time for Summer

How one golfer’s passion led to the development of a new cold storage bag


Have you ever experienced the challenge of playing a full round of golf in warm or hot weather only to reach for a cold drink out of your carry cooler to find that it was already warm? Or worse, you packed it in your golf bag and now find that it is too warm to drink. The same can be said of the chocolate covered almonds that you carried along for that little bit of a pick me up after making the turn for your back nine. Except the mess of melted chocolate ruined your experience as it can be worse than a warm drink. If so, you are not alone. It is a common occurrence for many golfers and can often put a damper on one’s round. After all, somethings are simply not meant to be consumed warm let alone hot.

Playing a round of golf often resulted in cooler bags that did not live up to their promise -- so Jasmine changed that
An avid golfer, Jasmine Serventi enjoys a round of golf in Switzerland

This was the challenge for Jasmine Serventi. She started playing golf when she was 16 years old in her native Switzerland, but after several years of frustration with warm drinks, wilted sandwiches or melted chocolate, the thirty-something golfer set about to change things. She had been looking for a stylish, functional and well-built cooler bag that would keep her drinks and snacks cool for an entire 18 holes of golf. Having tried a few different cooler bags, she realized that she wouldn’t find a suitable unit, so she designed one for herself.

New construction materials are safer than PVC and help this cooler bag stay cold for a full round of golf
Fully waterproof, the cooler bag keeps its contents cool for an entire round of golf and more

She spent much of 2018 researching, designing, and producing her own cooler bag of high-quality construction capable of staying cold for an entire round of golf and as she says, that’s how the “Refresh Caddy” was born.

The cooler bag was designed with premium quality materials with a PEVA insulated main compartment that can easily carry 3 x ½ litre bottles, a sandwich or similar, plus room for a cooling element. For those curious about PEVA, it is a newer material, Polyethylene vinyl acetate, and unlike traditional PVC materials, it is significantly safer as it is not made with chloride like PVC.

Jasmine’s finished product is a cooler bag that can be mounted to any golf trolley or cart with ease and is fully waterproof. The design enables the cooler bag to stay cool for a minimum of 18 holes of golf so that everything inside is cool for when you want it. She recommends using the Refresh Caddy with a cooling element to ensure the longest cooling effect possible. Switzerland is known worldwide for its highly skilled design and craftsmanship, particularly with its timepieces in its famed horological industry and with careful design and construction in the Refresh Caddy, it could very well set new standards for cooler bags.

This innovative new cooler bag retails for $50 and can be shipped worldwide.


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