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Putting — The Ultimate Visualization Practice

A "behind the scenes" look into a revolutionary technology for putting practice


-- an unknown golfer

When you stop to think about it, if a player was to shoot par for the course, including hitting every green in regulation, a round of golf will consist of 36 - putts. That would be 50% of the strokes that you would take on a par-72 course. So, with putting being that important to your score, it naturally is an area that a player should be practising on a regular basis. You can practice at the golf course or practice range on a practice green, you can practice in your office (on a break of course), or you can practice at home. All you need is your putter, a golf ball and a "hole" or target.

Now, if you are a professional player, a PGA Tour pro, or someone who is both serious about their golf and has the financial means, then look no further than the latest development in home putting.

PuttView is a new, German technology designed to help golfers improve their putting. Their interactive technology allows golfers to actually see the line of the putt before they pull the putter back. The technology is an incredible indoor training tool and some of golf's biggest names such as Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, and Justin Rose are picking them up for their own use. These are just some of the pros who believe that the technology enhances their putting practice.

PuttView -- Places a contour map on your practice green so that you can improve your "green reading abilities"
The Putt View creates a visual map of the green, including contours to train your mind to see the "fall line" -- the line of your putt. Such real-time data will help sharpen your ability to "read a green".

How it Works

Putt view combines a camera and projector to analyze the putting surface. The system detects the actual putting surface (the contours or slopes), displaying the image onto the putting surface. The image shows the golfer how the putt "breaks" using the projected image on the putting surface. The system also tracks the ball, displaying the roll of the ball to the hole location.

A putting green that has slope and break built into the green has been developed by PuttView, allowing golfers to practice "left to right" putts, "right to left" putts, and uphill or downhill putts. With the astounding technology of the PuttView, you can use their app to adjust the slope grade of the green to practice desired putts.

With the PuttView system there are a few different options for your practice. You can choose how the projected path lines are displayed onto the putting green. You have the option of projecting different information onto the green. The system can display the topography, showing the slopes and breaks on the putting surface. A feature called putting tempo trainer is also available for the system, displaying a visual for how fast your stroke should be to hole your putt.

Putt View features:

Visual aids are used to create a new kind of putting lesson for the golfer. Using a tablet or mobile device, the user-friendly ‘Sketch’ function allows you to draw your own graphics and instructions onto the putting surface. Animated targets can appear anywhere on the putting surface, challenging players to learn both break and pace in a series of putts as the clock counts down. Perhaps it can even assist those players in your group with slow play!

By providing a clear visual image of the correct line for any putt conceivable, the PuttView system helps you develop more accuracy and consistency with your alignment.

Plotting lines on a putting green like those on a contour map is a teriffic way to improve your visualization skills.
The ability to project the way a putt will "break" is a great tool to help you hone your skills.

The system works with most indoor greens being used for putting practice. The PuttView technology enables you to scan a fixed green and save a 3D-model of the putting surface. The software can also be used with an adjustable putting platform.

If you tire of the same monotonous putting practice, and to be honest, who doesn't — PuttView also offers practice games designed to help you stay engaged. One of the games included is "putt pong" where cups are displayed on the green, providing targets that you must hit. Keep score for yourself or play it with some friends.

What is the cost of a PuttView system?

Computer software integrates the physical and visual information to create an interactive learning system.
Controlled by the tablet, you can choose how to set up your practice green.

These systems do not come cheaply. To acquire a PuttView system, you have to determine which size that you want.

For example, starting at $17,985 you can pick up a 12′ x 7′ 6″ green (90 sq.ft or 8.36 sq. meters), the middle-sized option for $20,985, and the large green for $23,985 (218 sq.ft. or 20.3 sq. meters).

This price includes the putting green, the projection system, computer and tablet screen. It also includes installation of the complete system.

Given the functionality and use of both visual and interactive feedback, the system is attracting attention from some of the worlds best players and coaches alike. If you are a golfer looking to improve your putting performance, and willing to invest in improving your game, then this system is for you.

PGA tour professional, Gary Woodland using the PuttView system to fine tune his putting skills.


Neither The World of Golf nor the Author received any compensation or remuneration from Putt View for the review of their putting system.


Austin Hughes is professional golfer having played in professional events over the past few seasons. He graduated from Dalton State University (Georgia) where he attended on a Golf Scholarship.

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