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A New Program Dedicated to Increasing Swing Speed

World of Golf Contributors launch their own program to combine fitness and movement with coaching to help their students learn how to increase their swing speed


Have you ever wondered how players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIroy, or now Bryson DeChambeau can drive the ball so far? Or, what about players like Lexi Thompson, Brooke Henderson or Ariya Jutanugarn? These players and many others on both the LPGA and PGA tour are capable of driving the ball in excess of 300 yards off the tee (PGA) and 270 yards and more (LPGA).

So what do these players have in common? It's the ability to generate club speed or swing speed. Simply put, the faster that you can swing your club, the more energy you can transfer into your golf ball. So long as you are able to strike the ball solidly, your ball will generally travel further than that of a slower swing speed.

Modern day training and coaching tools such as launch monitors and ground force plates have revolutionized our understanding of golf and the golf swing, unlocking knowledge on how to increase swing speed and as a result, drive the ball further.

A new program launched by World of Golf contributors, Africa Madueño Alarcón (Golfefit Fitness) and Daisy May Kenny (Biomek Golf) combines their knowledge and expertise in both fitness, movement, and golf coaching to teach students how to improve their swing speed and learn how to transfer more of that energy into the golf ball for further distance.

Their program is designed to enable students to work with them remotely, using special coaching software combined with a library of videos and communication to support the student in their training program. The student is provided with new drills and workouts to develop their skill and ability to swing the club faster. The platform also has the added benefit of providing 24 / 7 communication with the coaches, unlike some other programs where communication with the coach or trainer is limited to a single hour or less per week or even per month. It is also supplemented with a weekly webinar in which the coaches present on a specific aspect of the training programs. Participants are also able to interact with the coaches during the webinar.

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