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New Atlanta Plays Host to the 2021 KPMG Women's PGA Championship.

Atlanta stands as a modern example of a diverse and energetic city in the Old South


Atlanta Athletic Club, the home club of Robert Tyre Jones Jr. (Bobby Jones), is the home of this year’s KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. It marks the first time that Atlanta will play host to this major championship after previously hosting the U.S. Open for men and women, in addition to two PGA Championships. Running from June 22 to 27th, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship will see the world of women’s professional golf descend upon the City of Atlanta, so here is a little bit of a primer on what to see, do and explore in this wonderful place.

The Skyline of present day Atlanta Georgia
The Modern Skyline of Atlanta - 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States

Enjoy History

This vibrant city may have been created by geographical accident (it was at the right place for the railroad back in 1847), but it has proved to be central to the shaping of the United States. Atlanta was the supply base and railway hub for the Confederates during the Civil War, which led the Union to burn down most of the city in 1864.

After the War, Atlanta rebuilt itself and came to represent the essence of the New South. Today, modern Atlanta is a cosmopolitan city with a great mix of cultures and peoples; from Asian, Hispanic and White populations to the predominant Black population that makes new Atlanta one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas in the United States.

The Skyline of present day Atlanta Georgia
The Modern Skyline of Atlanta - 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States

It also became the center for the Civil Rights Movement, and is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – the greatest of American Civil Rights leaders. This is the city that encompasses the grace and charm of the Deep South, and yet is progressive and inclusive in its spirit. No other event highlights that spirit more than the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, which was held in this beautiful city.

Historic Site - Where Martin Luther King Jr. was born
A National Landmark - the Historic Birth home of Martin Luther King Jr.

If you would like to learn more about Atlanta’s rich history, you can visit the State Capitol building, the Cyclorama in Grant Park, Swan House, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home, the house where Woodrow Wilson grew up, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Bask in the Arts

History and culture go hand-in-hand, and this city is no exception to that rule. In fact, Atlanta is replete with museums, art galleries and wonderful festivals. There’s the Woodruff Arts Center where the High Museum of Art is housed, the Centennial Olympic Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Fox Theater, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Millennium Gate Museum, the Trap Music Museum, and the College Football Hall of Fame. And that’s just to name a few! And music, art and culture festivals are on throughout the year.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
The Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Springtime - A spectrum of colours and the stately Mershon Hall

Explore the Outdoors

If you’re more interested in getting a thrill out of life, then you can try the Atlanta Indoor Skydiving experience, or go to The Battery Atlanta and try The Escape Game Adventure. You can even do the private Atlanta Nature tour, go on a bike tour, check out the city on a helicopter, go on a hike on the Atlanta Bartram Trails (you get a wine tasting session on these hikes!) or on the many, many nature trails around this city, do a guided walking tour of the Atlanta, go to Stone Mountain Park and so much more! There is so much to do here that a short trip will not be enough!

Satiate the Appetite – Food, Festivals, Music, Dancing and Shopping!

Atlanta would not be complete without its vibrant nightlife, festivals, gastronomic delights, and shopping!

Head over to Buckhead for a night full of cocktails, dancing, and some great food. Or you can try the Laughing Club Lounge for the best comedy acts in the city (and even the country!). You can try Eddie’s Attic and be treated to some of the best new musical talent the city has to offer.

While you’re in Atlanta, you have to try Chamblee Antique Row for the best shopping experience ever! And then stop over at Havana, a little-known restaurant that serves the best Cuban food ( yes, in Atlanta! ) you have ever tasted. And no trip to Atlanta is complete without a visit to the World of Coca Cola Museum and taste 60 different flavors of Coca Cola while you’re there!

Centennial Olympic Park - A Legacy of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta


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