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Glass Framed Wall Art

Home Decor & Buying Glass Wall Art


Lifestyle - our guest contributor, Mark Doe shares some tips on glass framed wall art and adding a touch of panache to your home.

Some people may be skittish when it comes to purchasing glass framed wall art. This fear is understandable since glass can shatter very easily. However, you might not realise that there are perkes to buying glass framed wall art. What are those perks? You might be surprised -- Read on and find out for yourself.

Pros of Glass Framed Wall Art

Why should you buy glass framed wall art? Glass framed wall art can provide a lot of protection and improve the viewing experience of your artwork. The following points can be made for glass framed wall art:

  • Glass framed wall art will provide the artwork's most transparent, uninhibited viewing.

  • UV-filtering options are easily attainable.

  • Not as easy to scratch as other materials

  • It doesn't wear down over time and damage the art

  • It gives a sophisticated, luxurious look



Cons of Glass Framed Wall Art

Like everything else, there are cons to using a glass frame for your wall art. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons when deciding what to do for your wall art. Some drawbacks of glass framed wall art are:

  • Glass is hefty and could be hard to move.

  • Glass is quickly shattered if you are not careful.

  • It may be more pricey due to the material

Museums Utilize Glass Framed Wall Art

Museums are one of the most prominent places you will find glass framed wall art. Your house doesn't have to be a museum, but you take pride, time, and invest in your wall art. You want it to be protected. With museums being a high traffic area, glass frames protect the artwork from incidental splashes, sneezes, and more. But one of the most overlooked aspects of glass framed art is that glass with UV filtering or blocking helps protect the artwork from UV rays and the damaging effect that it can have, leading to fading, bleaching, and premature deterioration. This is all the more important when you have original artwork or a limited edition print.

Who Should Invest in Glass Framed Wall Art?

If you worry about scratches on your art, buy glass framed wall art. The same goes for those who don't want their artwork to wear down over time.

If you have bad "butterfingers" potential and are worried about dropping pieces, you should avoid glass framed wall art. The same goes for people who would be unable to maneuver heavy objects. Avoid glass framed wall art if you don't want to hire someone to help you.

For more ideas, check this out for some inspiration for glass framed wall art. If you want a stunning visual art piece for your home, buy glass framed wall art. Glass framed wall art has an air of sophistication and luxury that can't be beaten.


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