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The New Callaway Chrome Soft XLS

Review — The Golf Mamba guys put this golf ball through the paces



Callaway recently added the Chrome Soft X LS to their lineup. This is a new product entirely, rather than a replacement for a previous generation. With a focus on low spin (the “LS” in the product name) and low flight, this ball fills a longstanding gap in the Callaway lineup. Engineered for consistent ball strikers with fast swing speeds, the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS competes with the best low spin balls on the market.  

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Construction

Let’s start from the outside in. Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls are a 4-piece golf ball, with a urethane cover and the hex dimple pattern that you’re used to seeing on the normal Chrome Soft golf balls. For many golf balls, it’s the dimple pattern that identifies low spin versus typical spin, but not these. For this Callaway line, it’s what’s underneath the urethane cover that determines ball flight and spin.

Beneath the urethane cover there are three additional layers; an outer and inner mantle, as well as the core. The outer mantle is firm, the inner mantle soft. Rather than a single mantle, the two piece system works together, as part of a larger system to keep ball flight straight and low.

Lastly the core is oversized and built for speed. With the added speed, comes added distance. The core itself is considered soft and interacts with the mantle in a complementary fashion. The core offsets the harder, internal pieces of the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS. By having these layers work together, it reduces spin while adding distance. 

Chrome Soft X LS and Different Shots

You will notice the difference of Callaway Chrome Soft X LS balls off the tee. Rather than high, arcing shots that land softly, you’ll see low shots with more roll that go a few extra yards. Another big difference is flight shape. You will not be able to cut or draw the ball as far, but will be rewarded with straight shots.

There are plenty of golfers who are consistent ball strikers but lack the distance to keep up with long hitters. This is where the Chrome Soft X LS balls are most valuable with woods, hybrids, and long irons in the hands of these players. With this ball, you can generate a lower, more penetrating ball flight and once landing, it will have more roll. If you can afford to run the ball 15 yards instead of 5 after landing, the added yards can help level the playing field.

Arguably the most remarkable part of the Chrome Soft X LS is the feeling around the greens. While golfers have a hard time managing greenside control with low spin balls, Callaway Chrome Soft X LS provides a better feel than most. Your wedges won’t have as much backspin as you would with Chrome Soft X balls, but you won’t feel like you’re running balls across the green for no reason either.  

Price Point

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS are among the category of more expensive golf balls. You can expect to pay around $48 per dozen, with individual sleeves costing $12 or slightly higher. 

Likes and Dislikes

What we like about the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS:

  • Increased ball speed without having to improve swing speed

  • Ideal ball for courses with fewer traps in front of greens

  • High level of forgiveness since it does not spin as much

What we don’t like about the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

  • Reliance on roll with low flight leads to less distance if you can’t keep it in the fairway

  • Difficult to use on courses with doglegs and changes in elevation at the green

  • Requires moderate to fast swing speed to activate core and both mantle layers



Distance 4

Durability 5

Feel 5

Control 5

Cost 4

Ratings are based on a 5-point scale with 5 representing

the highest or best rating


This review is based upon the experiences of the testers and your individual experience may vary.

Where to buy:

These golf balls are available at most golf retailers and pro shops

For more on the Golf Mamba guys check it out here:


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